We support organisations with the best information available to assess the fit between the candidate and the job. We help organisations select the best candidates for them.  

We analyse the knowledge, skills and personality requirements and then, using reliable and robust methods of assessing personality, behaviour, ability, motivation, and knowledge, we prepare tailored assessment strategies for roles from leadership positions right through to graduates.

A key element is assessing cultural and team fit: Our assessment services range from the online Psychometric Testing online through to Assessment and Development Centres.  These centres feature a comprehensive range of assessment methods, including interviews, psychological tests, role simulations, analysis tasks, and group activities

These assessments also provide insights that can be utilised to plan staff development and in coaching and mentoring support.

Our consultants are fully accredited by the British Pschological Society and skilled in delivering:

  • Job Analyses
  • Executive Assessment Reports
  • Assessment and Development Centres

We utilise a comprehensive range of the most robust personality and ability tools in our assessments which aim to evaluate:

  • Individual leadership capability
  • The impact of Leadership teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • How personality can predict job performance
  • Team Culture and fit through an assessment of motives, values, preferences and interests
  • De-railing Interpersonal styles that are difficult to detect in interviews and are exaggerated under pressure
  • How individuals perceive and handle risk and make decisions
  • Decision making capability and style and critical reasoning