Our coaching provides individualised and time efficient support for people at key transition points to help them develop and confidently apply their attributes, skills and knowledge to the issues that matter.

Our coaches are professionally qualified and accredited and through deep business experience understand what leadership and its development looks like. Our approaches include:

121 Coaching

We provide 121 coaching support for people through key transition points; preparing for promotion, navigating the first 100 days in a new role, handling change effectively, following restructuring or expansion together with building leadership capabilities within new leaders or established managers and executives.

Team Coaching

We also help teams, coaching them work towards achieving a shared strategic goal, when they need to accelerate to high performance or shift direction, broaden their impact or integrate on new colleagues. We also help teams make transitions after merger or acquisitions.

Our knowledge and experience of team dynamics is pivotal to this powerful intervention and we are able to bring proven psychometric and tailored methodologies to help teams achieve.

Developing Your Coaching Skills

We support organisations who want to build a coaching culture by developing internal coaching resources. We listen to your specific needs and tailor training and skills development, mentor internal coaches, supervise the coaches to help you achieve the best standards. We can project manage the end to end process, including business case preparation and impact reviews.

Graduate coaching

We are passionate about young people’s development and helping them through those crucial transitions from full time education to the world of work.

Career Support

We can support you in identifying the next move for you, and how to achieve that plum role.