The 3 R's: Restructure, Relocation, Recruitment


by Ann Brophy

The client had decided to relocate their IT function from London to the Midlands. They were also keen to use this as an opportunity to transform the delivery of IT support and re-structure the IT department. This required the transfer of responsibilities from contractors to a specialist in-house team, and the development of a completely new model of working.

Brophy McPaul helped with the organisational design of a brand new IT support function, defining and filling 15 new roles – from IT director to helpdesk co-ordinator. This process was completed in just 12 weeks.

We undertook job analysis for each role and launched a large recruitment campaign. We ran multiple assessment centres using the competency framework we had built and bespoke exercises. The key to finding the most capable candidates was to focus the exercises on real challenges the roles would have to address. 

Once the positions were filled, we ran a team development day. This enabled the recruits to examine together what their team values might be, how they would work together, and the development of departmental strategy.